Vote by Mail Ballots

Over 50 percent of ballots for the upcoming November General Election in California will be cast on vote by mail ballots.

Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley says it’s important to fill out the ballots correctly in order for them to be counted.

He says black or blue pens should be used and pencils are allowed but it will take longer for the ballot to be counted.

He says if a mistake is made on the ballot it is okay, just mark an X over the wrong box and mark the correct box and circle it, to indicate the desired selection.

If another ballot is desired, just request one on-line.

Kelley says after completing the ballot, it’s very important for the person who filled it out to sign the envelope upon sealing in order for it to count.

He says under a new state law, if the wrong person signs the envelope, for instance a partner signs it for another partner; election officials will mail out a letter to resolve the problem. The letter recipient may sign a form or go to the Registrar of Voters Office to show identification in order for the ballot to count.

Dawn Kamber