California gas tax repeal campaign seeks federal inquiry

Leaders of a campaign to repeal California's recent gas tax increase are asking the federal government to investigate their claims that public resources have been used against them.

Their allegations are based on emails and other documents that appear to show local government workers discussing the repeal effort, known as Proposition 6. In one, a San Francisco official says in an email that showing how gas tax funds benefit the city is important "to support the anti-repeal campaign."

Proposition 6 campaign leader Carl DeMaio says β€œit's damning, it's unacceptable; they are using taxpayer dollars to influence an election."

Republican Congressman Ken Calvert requested an investigation by the U.S. Department of Transportation's inspector general, saying some of the agencies involved receive some federal money. De Maio said he obtained the emails through public records requests.

A spokeswoman for the anti-Proposition 6 campaign denied improper behavior.

Dawn Kamber