Gas-tax repeal advocates seek recall of California AG

A conservative San Diego radio host who is a driving force behind an initiative to repeal recent gas tax increases says he'll seek to recall California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra if the measure fails.

The effort by Carl DeMaio would ensure the gas tax remains a political fight long after the voters decide Proposition 6 next week. Opposition to the higher gas taxes and vehicle registration fees passed last year by state lawmakers has been a central message for Republicans, who have struggled in an increasingly Democratic state.

DeMaio says Becerra deceived voters by writing a ballot title that doesn't clearly explain that Proposition 6 would reduce gas taxes. Becerra's ballot title — the official summary that describes the initiative — focuses on the elimination of road repair funding, consistent with the messaging used by the initiative's opponents.

Becerra, a Democrat, says courts sided with him on another gas-tax repeal measure that had a similar ballot title but didn’t qualify. DeMaio says he didn't sue over his measure because he knew he wouldn't win.

Becerra is favored to win in next week's election over retired judge Republican Steven Bailey.

Dawn Kamber