Biden pushes Democratic House to 'take this president on'

With control of Congress on the line, former Vice President Joe Biden urged support for Democratic candidates in a string of California districts to regain control of the House and help "take this president on."

With a densely packed crowd chanting "Take it back," a reference to the GOP-held House, Biden spent about 50 minutes denouncing Trump administration policies and calling for a return of civility and mutual respect in Washington.

With the election looming, he said the nation was witnessing a fight for its soul.

Biden said at a rally at Cal State Fullerton, where the audience was thick with students, "This election is much bigger than politics. Our humanity is being tested."

The potential Democratic presidential contender in 2020 has been using his political star power to help candidates and raise money around the country. He has predicted that Democrats will control both chambers of Congress next year.

Dawn Kamber