California Sen. Harris cites Kavanaugh 'sham' in vote pitch

California Sen. Kamala Harris urged Democrats in Ohio yesterday to channel their emotions about the confirmation process involving Brett Kavanaugh into ousting elected Republicans this fall.

Rallying more than 1,000 of the party faithful at the Ohio Democratic Party's fall fundraising dinner, Harris said the confirmation process that prompted her to walk out at one point of the Senate Judiciary Committee was "a sham and a disgrace."

Elections matter, she said, "and so let this last week — and all that we have experienced in terms of our frustrations and our anger and our sadness — let's use this week to give us all that extra energy that we know we have."

The 53-year-old, who's weighing a 2020 presidential bid, visited the closely divided swing state as fellow Democrats hope the year's political climate will break in their favor.

Republicans control every branch of Ohio state government. State Democratic Chairman David Pepper told the crowd that statewide races — led by the contest between Democratic former consumer watchdog Richard Cordray and Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine — are all tight and winnable with good turnout.

Early voting begins tomorrow.

Dawn Kamber