Top California Democrat on leave amid sex misconduct inquiry

The chair of the California Democratic Party took a leave of absence in the midst of an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Party spokesman Mike Roth says Eric Bauman's leave will last until an outside investigation ends.

Roth said in a statement "Chair Bauman believes this decision is the best way to ensure the independence and integrity of the process. The Party is confident that the procedures in place will allow for all parties to come forward freely and provide for a thorough and complete review."

A party vice chair accused Bauman last week of sexually harassing and assaulting several unnamed people at party functions and called for Bauman's resignation. Others including California U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna and the Orange County Young Democrats called for Bauman to step aside.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported vice chair, Daraka Larimore-Hall, spoke to two accusers and a witness.

Dawn Kamber