Apple Watch Series 4

All watches help you keep time. But Apple says its new watch is designed to help you keep healthy. The Apple Watch Series 4 has several built-in features aimed at promoting better health among users. One of the main new features is that the Series 4 watch has a heart monitor. It keeps tabs on your heart rate — and lets you know if there is something amiss. If you should stumble and fall, the watch won't pick you up — but it can help you get back on your feet, by measuring falls and if it detects one, reaching out to get help. There is also an Emergency SOS button on the watch face you can use to summon help in a pinch. The new Apple watch can also help you chill. Sitting too long? It urges you to get up and get your blood flowing again. And it can prompt you to take a series of calming breaths to re-center yourself. The Apple Watch Series 4 has two models, one with GPS and one with GPS and cellular. The cellular model starts at $499, with the GPS-only model starting $100 lower.



Dawn Kamber