South Orange County City Councils reorganize

Many City Councils in South Orange County have reorganized selecting a new Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

In Lake Forest, the Mayor is Mark Tettemer and Mayor Pro Tem Neeki Moatazedi.

In Laguna Niguel, the new Mayor is John Mark Jennings and the Mayor Pro Tem is Laurie Davies.

In Laguna Beach, the new Mayor is Bob Whalen and Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow.

In Dana Point, the new Mayor is Joe Muller and the Mayor Pro Tem is Paul Wyatt.

In San Clemente, Steve Swarz is the new Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem is Dan Bane.

Swarz says one of his goals is to have the City Council continue to work on having emergency services since the Memorial Hospital closed two years ago. He hopes to reach some kind of settlement with Memorial Care, where it can find a way to provide some kind of emergency services. Or find someone to buy the business from Memorial Care and work out a deal that at least one of the facilities that goes on the property will include some kind of emergency services.

He says the problem is when someone gets hurt from Camp Pendleton on north through his city, the victim has to be transported to either Mission Viejo or Laguna Beach. He would like there to be some place in his city, where the individual could be stabilized before being transported to one of the hospitals.

Dawn Kamber