Hate Crimes-Orange County

The Orange County Human Relations Commission 2017 Hate Crimes Report indicates there’s been in an increase in hate crime and hate incidences.

Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, who is a candidate for Orange County District Attorney says the figures are disturbing. The report shows in 2017, there were 56 cases of hate crimes and 94 hate incidences compared to 2016’s 50 hate crimes and 72 hate incidences; and 2015’s 44 hate crimes and 43 hate incidences.

The Commission says 13 percent of the county’s hate crimes in 2017 targeted Muslims and when combined with the incidents against people who appear to be Middle Eastern, the number of hate crimes against these groups accounted for 16 percent of the year’s total.

Spitzer says he intends to have the Board of Supervisors discuss the Commission’s report within 30 days to look for possible solutions. 

Jim Rondeau