Laguna Hills may eliminate use of synthetic based pest control products 

The Laguna Hills City Council has agreed to move in the direction of eliminating the use synthetic based pest control products on city properties.

Mayor Pro Tem Janine Heft says this came after the community had requested the use of organic based products on city properties.

She says the Council had considered four options. One, make no changes; two, select one park for one year test bed to determine the efficacy of the use of organic-based products for pest management; three, modify the city’s landscape maintenance operations to establish opportunities to reduce the use of synthetic-based products in the next citywide landscape maintenance contract; and four, include the usage of organic-based products as an Alternate Bid in the next citywide landscape maintenance contract that will be advertised in the spring and implemented in the summer.

Heft says the Council chose a hybrid of options; option two, but instead of at one park, have the pilot test occur at two parks and option four.

She says the two parks that will be part of the pilot program haven’t yet been determined.

Dawn Kamber