AP-NORC poll: Most Americans oppose Trump's foreign policy

A new poll that highlighted the nation's partisan divide on foreign issues shows a majority of Americans disapprove of the way President Trump is handling U.S. foreign policy and about half think the country's global standing will deteriorate during the next year. The poll, conducted by Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, also found the public split about the president's plan to remove U.S. troops from Syria and possibly Afghanistan — and about a quarter don't have an opinion one way or the other.

Overall, the president receives low marks from the public for his job handling foreign policy — 35 percent approve, while 63 percent disapprove. Like other issues, the partisan divide is wide. While 76 percent of Republicans approve, just 8 percent of Democrats say the same.

Turning to U.S. involvement in foreign wars, the poll showed 39 percent of Americans approve of pulling the 2,000 American troops from Syria, and 35 percent say they disapprove. The president's decision is supported by 56 percent of Republicans and 26 percent of Democrats.

Dawn Kamber