Mission Viejo Town Hall meeting on soaring power rates

South Orange County residents concerned about rising San Diego Gas & Electric utility bills may want to attend a town hall meeting Monday in Mission Viejo.

Mission Viejo Councilman Ed Sachs says while walking the precincts during the recent election, 80 percent of residents had complained about their skyrocketing electricity bills in July and August. And in some cases, their bills went up over 400 percent.

So he decided early on, to host a town hall meeting for SDG&E representatives to explain the company’s billing system and why in addition to the already increased rates, the company wants to raise them another 23 percent.

Sachs points out, Mission Viejo residents living South of La Paz have SDG&E and north of La Paz, have Southern California Edison as their electricity provider.

He says Monday’s town hall meeting will go on between 6:30 and eight in the evening at the Mission Viejo City Hall at 200 Civic Center.

Dawn Kamber