Electronic toll collection

The electronic protocol for toll collection will change to a new system statewide.

Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies CEO Mike Kraman says transportation agencies will issue sticker tags to its customers which are physically different than Fas Trak transponders. They are the size of a band aid that has an electronic chip that goes on the windshield and the road equipment is able to read the chip and identify the customer.

He says the maintenance fees for Fas Trak responders will be eliminated when the sticker tags are sent out beginning in June because the costs to produce them are lower than for the responders.

And the sticker tags will become the new Fas Trak in the state. He says those with the transponders may keep them at no charge so they can use the carpool switchable feature to gain the discount when using the 110 express and 10 express lanes in Los Angeles County.

Dawn Kamber