Internal Revenue Service sees downward trends in filing

The tax filing season has been underway for several weeks and so far, the Internal Revenue Service has noticed some changes from tax filers.

IRS spokesman Raphael Tulino says in comparison to this time last year, everything is trending downward including the number of returns processed so far and the average refund figures which are hovering around two-thousand dollars.

He says there were major changes in the tax law that could impact the refund dollar amounts including the elimination of personal exemptions, the doubling of the standard deduction as well as the changes in tax rates and withholding tables.

Tulino says with the new tax law and the surge of tax returns expected during the Presidents Day weekend, the IRS is encouraging tax filers with questions to go on-line  to find answers. He says the IRS receives more phone calls on the day after Presidents Day, than on any day of the year.

He also says if you want to go to an IRS office, he recommends making an appointment first.

Dawn Kamber