Feds announce 'takedown' of 2 Los Angeles gangs

Federal prosecutors say they've dealt a blow to two Los Angeles gangs that have ties to the Mexican Mafia after charging dozens of suspected members with racketeering and drug and gun violations.

The U.S. Attorney's Office announced a slew of arrests and indictments involving the Florencia-13 and Vineland Boys gangs.

Indictments against the Vineland Boys say its members exerted control over their San Fernando Valley territory by shooting and assaulting rival gangs, trafficking in drugs and guns, and extorting money from other dealers.

Twenty-five suspected Vineland Boys members were arrested today, while 11 others charged already were in custody.

Indictments against the South Los Angeles-based Florencia-13 say its members trafficked in drugs, committed attempted murder of a rival gang member, and tried to smuggle drugs into California's prisons.

Dawn Kamber