Couple with $2 billion win still resent Monsanto

A Northern California couple both stricken with cancer they say was caused by Monsanto Co.'s weed killer say they still resent the company even after a jury awarded them over $2 billion.

Alberta Pilliod said she and her 74-year-old husband have each been battling cancer for the last nine years. The 76-year-old says she and her husband Alva Pilliod are unable to enjoy the same activities they participated in before their cancer diagnosis.

The Pilliods addressed the media at a San Francisco press conference a few hours after the jury delivered its verdict.

One of the Pilliods lawyers, Michael Miller, conceded that the $2 billion punitive damage award was likely to be reduced on appeal. But he argued that Monsanto was likely to appeal any damage award and the Pilliods' lawyers are prepared for a long legal battle.


Dawn Kamber