Laguna Hills may make pesticide decision

The Laguna Hills City Council tonight may award a five year landscape contract.

Mayor Pro-tem Janine Heft says along with the contract are various options which may include the decreasing use of pesticides, as there are concerns that pesticides could be dangerous.

She says the three alternative options within a contract are 1) have a one year test bed of two parks with the use of completely organic products at a cost of about 25-thousand dollars; 2) all the areas where kids would be at parks be completely organic at a cost of 300-thousand dollars; and 3) make the entire city completely organic at a cost of a million dollars on top of the million dollar contract. 

Heft says the Council in making its decision has to balance being a good steward of the city’s money while at the same time insuring the residents are safe by decreasing the use of pesticides.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at seven.

Dawn Kamber