Justices tuning in to cable television civil rights lawsuit

The Supreme Court is about to weigh in on a racial discrimination lawsuit involving Comcast and a Los Angeles-based media company owned by comedian and media mogul Byron Allen.

A lower court ruled in favor of Allen, who says Comcast declined to distribute his channels because he's black.

If Allen prevails, black-owned businesses will have an easier time winning suits alleging discrimination in contracting.

If Comcast wins, the bar will be high to bring and succeed with similar suits.

The justices will hear arguments Nov. 13 in Allen's $20 billion suit against Comcast, with the outcome affecting a $10 billion case he's filed against Charter Communications.

Allen said his case is about getting rid of institutionalized racism.

Comcast says Allen's content is "not particularly original" and "not particularly high quality."

Dawn Kamber