2 California death row inmates found dead; suicide suspected

California officials say two condemned multiple murderers, including a serial killer, apparently committed suicide within hours of each other on the nation's largest death row.

Corrections officials say they found 54-year-old Andrew Urdiales unresponsive during a security check at San Quentin State Prison late Friday.

He was sentenced to death on Oct. 5 by an Orange County judge for killing five women in California including 23-year-old Robbin Brandley in January 1986 at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, and previously faced the death penalty for three murders in Illinois.

The murders occurred while he was stationed at various U.S. Marine Corps facilities in Southern California.

Separately, authorities say they found 51-year-old Virendra Govin unresponsive alone in his cell in a different death row housing unit late Sunday.

Govin was sentenced in December 2004 for committing four Los Angeles County murders.

Dawn Kamber