San Clemente possible future ballot measures 

The San Clemente City Council tomorrow will discuss having several ballot measures in 2020 relating to term limits for City Council members and the transition of the City Treasurer and City Clerk to appointive offices.

The agenda report indicates the Council is interested in possibly having a ballot measure to limit consecutive years of service by Council members to a combined total of two four-year terms, with the ability to again serve as a member of the City Council after a lapse of service of no less than two years.

Also, there’s interest in transitioning the offices of City Treasurer and City Clerk from the current elected to appointive positions.

In both cases, it would be up to the City Council in office in 2020 to determine whether the proposals would appear as measures on the November 3rd, 2020 ballot.

Tomorrow’s City Council meeting begins at six in the evening.


Dawn Kamber