California lawmakers block expansion of data privacy law

California lawmakers have blocked an effort to expand the state's sweeping new data privacy law, handing a victory the tech industry as it faces mounting scrutiny over how it collects, stores and sells consumers' information.

The state that is home to Silicon Valley and tech giants such as Facebook passed the country's most sweeping data privacy law last year. The law gives customers the right to know what data companies are collecting from them as well as the right to delete and restrict the sale of that information. The California Consumer Privacy Act takes effect next year.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra and privacy advocates called on lawmakers to go further this year and give the public a right to take companies to court over violations of the law and to toughen how the state enforces its provisions.

Business groups and the tech industry fought the proposal, arguing it would create unnecessary lawsuits, and the Senate Appropriations Committee defeated it yesterday. It was the latest action in the political tug-of-war over consumer data in the midst of mounting concerns about the influence of the tech industry and prevalence of data-driven technology in everyday life.


Dawn Kamber