New ADDs on Mar 20th

“J-Factor” by Jeff Ryan.

From the CD Embrace featuring Greg Manning on keys.

“Drop Of Faith” by Reza Khan.

From Next Train Home, 5th solo album from composer/guitarist Reza Khan who was born & raised in Bangladesh & based in NYC. This track features Nils on electric guitar and a solo.

Vienna Yip
New Adds on Mar 13th

“In The Light” by Les Sabler

Les Sabler is a Canadian guitarist, vocalist & producer based in Nashville.

“L.O.V.E.” by Eric Darius

Features Brian Culbertson on piano.

Vienna Yip
New ADDs on Mar 6th

“Drive” by Blake Aaron

From his forthcoming album Color & Passion

“Illuminate” by Steve Oliver

Title track from the 11th career album from the multi-instrumentalist, song-writer & producer featuring Jimmy Haslip (original member of Yellowjackets) on bass.

Vienna Yip