Saddleback College President appreciates community connection 

Saddleback College’s new President Dr. Elliot Stern says his goals for the Mission Viejo campus are for students to continue to gain training for careers, upskills and a good education to prepare them for university. 

He says students who transfer from community college to university do as well or better than those students who started at university.

Stern says in the community he’s noticed a strong connection people have to Saddleback College wherever he goes. For instance, he cited an occurrance at Mission San Juan Capistrano recently, his spouse was wearing Saddleback College clothing and the docent had commented about taking classes on the campus.

Stern finds the connection unique for a community college.

Stern became Saddleback College President in January. He was previously the Vice President of Instruction of Lake Washington Institute of Technology.


Dawn Kamber